How much will you invest in this life-changing business opportunity?

It’s a lot less than you think.

You’ll pay a special Charter Licensee fee of only $3,500. The total can be spread over three monthly payments to make it easier for you. That fee will only apply to the FIRST FIVE who take advantage of this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. The fee for all subsequent licensees will be $5,000 (at least for now). As a Charter Licensee, every year you’ll renew your license for $750. Other licensees will pay $1,000.

Here's someone who's doing it right now . . .

Meet John Rakestraw, a Charter Licensee who is working the Pacific Northwest.

And, take a look at the website that is included in John's package. A large part of his

business comes from John's website!

If you'd rather pay the License Fee in ONE PAYMENT, you'll receive a DISCOUNT

and pay only $3,300 to become a Mystery Party Pro.

Since I am regularly asked to facilitate mystery parties at different locations across the nation, as I mentioned before, my company will broker your bookings for a 25% commission. Then, it will be up to you to contact the client and provide a memorable moment in murder mystery magic. If you find your own clients, you’ll pay only a 10% commission on your bookings for the rights to use my material.

Just think, you can be only a few weeks away from having a full-scale murder mystery party business that will be the talk of your social group and the envy of those who failed to take advantage of this special offer.

SO . . .

It's really up to you to help determine what you will make. I will, of course, be more than happy to help you at every step along the way. (After all, the more successful you are, the more successful I am.) This is a real win-win relationship based on mutual trust and respect. Complete the Application. It costs you nothing to apply to become a Mystery Party Pro!

I will be there the whole time to help you along the way, but you will determine your own success.

I'll emphasize this AGAIN . . . This opportunity isn't for everyone!

It's for a select few with the right skills and enthusiasm. At the core of any successful enterprise is a talented, dedicated group of individuals who can work in tandem to make things happen.

THAT MEANS . . . It's extremely important to me to identify the type of people who can effectively present my material and create a professional image in the marketplace! Here's how it works.

  • When I receive your application, I'll review it to determine if we have a basis for creating a mutually beneficial working relationship. If your responses demonstrate that you have the right mix of talent and business savvy, here's what will happen:

  • I'll email you and set up a telephonic appointment during which we will have a constructive dialogue about what it takes to succeed as a Mystery Party Pro.

  • If we decide that we have the right synergy to work together, you'll sign the Mystery Party Pro Licensee Agreement and pay your licensee fee.

  • Next, you'll be invited to attend an intense THREE-DAY TRAINING PROGRAM where you'll be given everything you need to start your very-own Murder Mystery Party business.

Just take a look at some of the products you'll be able to purchase at a premium price and sell at a profit.

To be chosen as a Mystery Party Pro Charter Licensee, you'll need to CLICK on the button below and complete the Application.

It costs you nothing to submit an Application! Do it NOW! 

p.s. To be absolutely clear (and to make sure that you and the FCC understands exactly what I'm saying), there are NO guarantees of how much you will make as a Mystery Party Pro. Your income will be PRIMARILY based on your own efforts.

Due to changes in today's business environment,

the current License fee is $2300!

Generate Income With Your Own One-Of-A-Kind, Turn-Key Murder Mystery Party Business . . . Make Money And Have A Lot Of Fun!

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